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Recruited on a global basis, Petroil personnel can be found in key roles on major projects throughout the world. We attach great importance to the careful assessment of client requirements and it is in this area that our fully trained recruitment professionals excel. Their experience combined with all the required current software and IT facilities enables them to match specific profiles and qualities required for each particular requirement with excellent results.

Our custom built database, which is constantly updated and expanded, currently contains details on experienced personnel from every discipline required within the oil and gas industry as detailed here. Whether your company requires our services for project management, design, construction, fabrication, quality inspection, commissioning or operations, Petroil can provide all the disciplines appropriate to your project.

Petroil have a policy of providing individuals who are personally known to us or have a proven track record in order that our Clients can be assured of contracting personnel who are recognised as being established in their field. Personnel are of various nationalities from every discipline and we specialise in Engineers who speak more than one language with a large emphasis on French speakers. Petroil has earned an excellent reputation globally by delivering a service dedicated to serving it's clients needs.

All procedures are carried out in compliance and accordance to BSEN ISO 9001 standards.